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monetary British & World English

Relating to money or currency

monetary unit British & World English

A standard unit of value of a country’s coinage

monetary aggregate British & World English

A measure of the amount of money in circulation within a country or economic sector

European Monetary System British & World English

A monetary system inaugurated by the European Community in 1979 to coordinate and stabilize the exchange rates of the currencies of member countries, as a prelude to monetary union. It is based on the use of the Exchange Rate Mechanism

European Monetary Union British & World English

A European Union programme intended to work towards full economic unity in Europe based on the phased introduction of a common currency (the euro). The programme was announced in 1989; the second stage came into effect on 1 January 1994 under the terms of the Maastricht Treaty, and in 2002 the euro replaced the currencies of twelve European Union countries (see euro)

International Monetary Fund British & World English

An international organization established in 1945 which aims to promote international trade and monetary cooperation and the stabilization of exchange rates