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monitor British & World English

A device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of something

Nile monitor British & World English

A large heavily built African lizard that has greyish-olive skin with yellow markings and is semiaquatic

Holter monitor British & World English

A portable device that records the rhythm of the heart continuously, typically for 24-48 hours, by means of electrodes attached to the chest

monitor lizard in monitor British & World English

A large tropical Old World lizard with a long neck, narrow head, forked tongue, strong claws, and a short body. Monitors were formerly believed to give warning of crocodiles

monitor English Thesaurus

a heart monitor

monitor English-Spanish

monitor m

monitor Spanish-English

monitor de esquí

baby monitor English-Spanish

interfono m, intercomunicador m

es monitor en una piscina in monitor Spanish-English

he's a swimming instructor