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mono- British & World English

One; alone; single

mono-diet British & World English

A diet confined to one type of food.

Mono Lake British & World English

A salt lake in east central California, near the Nevada border, noted for its rock exposed formations that occurred when local waters were diverted to the Los Angeles area

mono-cable British & World English

An aerial ropeway in which a single loop of cable or rope is used to support and move loads.

mono-ethnic British & World English

Consisting of, belonging to, or relating to, a single ethnic group.

mono-dramatist British & World English

A writer or performer of monodramas.

mono no aware British & World English

In Japanese art, literary criticism, etc.: a capacity to be, or the experience of being, deeply and spontaneously moved by various poignant manifestations of nature, including human nature; especially a sense of pathos arising from intense awareness of the impermanence of earthly things.

makimono British & World English

A Japanese scroll containing a narrative, usually in pictures and with explanatory writing, designed to be examined progressively from right to left as it is unrolled.

monobrow British & World English

A pair of eyebrows that meet above the nose, giving the appearance of a single eyebrow

monocrop British & World English

A cultivated crop that does not rotate with other crops in a particular field or area

monohull British & World English

A boat with only one hull, as opposed to a catamaran or multihull

monolein British & World English

Either of two isomeric glycerides (C21H40O4) of oleic acid that contain one oleic acid radical.

monocausal British & World English

In terms of a single cause

monoculture British & World English

The cultivation of a single crop in a given area

monospecific British & World English

Relating to or consisting of only one species

monounsaturated British & World English

(Of an organic compound, especially a fat) saturated except for one multiple bond

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