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mono British & World English


mono- British & World English

One; alone; single

Mono Lake British & World English

A salt lake in east central California, near the Nevada border, noted for its rock exposed formations that occurred when local waters were diverted to the Los Angeles area

monobrow British & World English

A pair of eyebrows that meet above the nose, giving the appearance of a single eyebrow

monocrop British & World English

A cultivated crop that does not rotate with other crops in a particular field or area

monohull British & World English

A boat with only one hull, as opposed to a catamaran or multihull

monocausal British & World English

In terms of a single cause

monoculture British & World English

The cultivation of a single crop in a given area

monospecific British & World English

Relating to or consisting of only one species

monounsaturated British & World English

(Of an organic compound, especially a fat) saturated except for one multiple bond

mono English-Spanish


mono Spanish-English

pretty, lovely-looking

mono- English-Spanish


mono- Spanish-English


mono sabio Spanish-English

picador's assistant

cola de mono Spanish-English

rum punch with milk, coffee and vanilla

se hizo un moño in moño Spanish-English

she put her hair up in a bun

soltarse el moño in moño Spanish-English

to let one's hair down

ser el último mono in mono Spanish-English

to be a complete nobody, be the lowest of the low, be the low man on the totem pole

está con el mono in mono Spanish-English

he's gone cold turkey

agarrarse del moño in moño Spanish-English

they ended up at each other's throats

estar hasta el moño in moño Spanish-English

to be fed up (to the back teeth)

es talmente un mono in talmente Spanish-English

he looks just like a monkey

to record sth in mono in mono English-Spanish

grabar algo en monofonía

dibujó un mono en el cuaderno in mono Spanish-English

he drew a little figure in his exercise book

recogerse el pelo en un moño in recoger Spanish-English

to put one's hair up in a bun

terminaron riñendo y agarrándose del moño in moño Spanish-English

they ended up at each other's throats