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moor1 British & World English

A tract of open uncultivated upland, typically covered with heather

moor2 British & World English

Make fast (a boat) by attaching it by cable or rope to the shore or to an anchor

Moor British & World English

A member of a NW African Muslim people of mixed Berber and Arab descent. In the 8th century they conquered the Iberian peninsula, but were finally driven out of their last stronghold in Granada at the end of the 15th century

moor1 English Thesaurus

a boat was moored to the end of the dock

moor2 English Thesaurus

there was also a good stock of grouse on the moor

grouse moor British & World English

An area of managed moorland for the shooting of red grouse

moor grass British & World English

Either of two coarse upland grasses found in Eurasia:

Marston Moor, Battle of British & World English

A battle of the English Civil War, fought in 1644 on Marston Moor near York, in which the Royalist armies suffered a defeat which fatally weakened Charles I’s cause

moorhen British & World English

A small aquatic rail with mainly blackish plumage

Moor Park in Moorpark British & World English

An apricot of a large orange-fleshed variety