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morale British & World English

The confidence, enthusiasm, and discipline of a person or group at a particular time

morale booster British & World English

An event, occurrence, or saying which raises morale

morale New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

confidence and discipline

morale English Thesaurus

morale in the team was higher than it had been for a long time

morale English-Spanish

moral feminine

morale-booster English-Spanish

it was intended as a morale-booster

a slump in morale in slump English-Spanish

un bajón de ánimo

to lower sb's morale in lower English-Spanish

bajarle la moral a algn, desmoralizar* a algn

to boost sb's morale in morale English-Spanish

levantarle la moral a algn

good/bad for morale in morale English-Spanish

bueno/malo para la moral

to dent/break sb's morale in morale English-Spanish

minarle/destrozarle* la moral a algn

our morale has reached rock bottom in rock-bottom English-Spanish

nuestra moral ha tocado fondo, tenemos la moral por los suelos