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mullet1 British & World English

Any of various chiefly marine fish that are widely caught for food

mullet2 British & World English

A star with five (or more) straight-edged points or rays, as a charge or a mark of cadency for a third son

mullet3 British & World English

A man’s hairstyle in which the hair is cut short at the front and sides and left long at the back

grey mullet British & World English

A thick-bodied, blunt-headed fish that typically lives in inshore or estuarine waters and is a valued food fish

land mullet British & World English

A large burrowing lizard of the skink family, with shiny fishlike scales, native to the coastal regions of eastern Australia

red mullet British & World English

An elongated fish with long barbels on the chin, living in warmer seas and widely valued as a food fish

black mullet British & World English

A dark mullet of the genus Mugil; especially (US) the flathead mullet, M. cephalus.

like a stunned mullet British & World English

Dazed and uncomprehending