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muscular British & World English

Relating to or affecting the muscles

muscular English Thesaurus

muscular tissue

muscular artery British & World English

An artery that supplies a muscle or group of muscles; especially either of the branches of the ophthalmic artery supplying the muscles of the eyes (now rare).

muscular sense British & World English

A sensory activity associated with or attributed to muscles; especially the muscular component of proprioception.

muscular sound British & World English

The sound or resonance produced by the contraction of a muscle.

electro-muscular British & World English

Of or relating to the electrical activity of muscle; (in later use also) designating or relating to devices that alter muscular activity by the discharge of electricity.

muscular stomach British & World English

A stomach with a thick muscular wall; specifically the gizzard (ventriculus) of a bird.

muscular dystrophy British & World English

A hereditary condition marked by progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles

muscular Christianity British & World English

A Christian life of brave and cheerful physical activity, especially as popularly associated with the writings of Charles Kingsley and with boys' public schools of the Victorian British Empire

muscular rheumatism British & World English

Aching pain in the muscles and joints

Duchenne muscular dystrophy British & World English

A severe form of muscular dystrophy caused by a genetic defect and usually affecting boys

muscular astasia in astasia British & World English

Originally (more fully muscular astasia): a condition characterized by muscle tremors which inhibit movement (now rare). In later use: the inability to stand, especially in an individual who has no demonstrable sensory impairment or motor weakness.