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museum British & World English

A building in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are stored and exhibited

wax museum British & World English

An exhibition of wax dummies, typically representing famous people and fictional characters

museum beetle British & World English

A small dark beetle whose larvae can cause severe damage to carpets, stored goods, and zoological and entomological collections

museum piece British & World English

An object that is worthy of display in a museum

British Museum British & World English

A national museum of antiquities in London. Established with public funds in 1753, it includes among its holdings the Magna Carta, the Elgin Marbles, and the Rosetta Stone

Science Museum British & World English

A national museum of science, technology, and industry in South Kensington, London

Ashmolean Museum British & World English

A museum of art and antiquities in Oxford. It opened in 1683 and was the first public institution of its kind in England

Natural History Museum British & World English

A museum of zoological, botanical, palaeontological, and mineralogical items in South Kensington, London

Metropolitan Museum of Art British & World English

A museum of art and archaeology in New York, founded in 1870

Victoria and Albert Museum British & World English

A national museum of fine and applied art in South Kensington, London, created in 1852 and having collections principally of pictures, textiles, ceramics, and furniture

museum English-Spanish

museo m

history/science museum in museum English-Spanish

museo histórico/de la ciencia

the museum is in the city center in center English-Spanish

el museo está en el centro de la ciudad

she escorted me around the museum in escort English-Spanish

fue mi guía en mi visita al museo

the museum is closed for repairs in repair English-Spanish

el museo está cerrado por obras

is there time to visit the museum? in time English-Spanish

¿hay tiempo de visitar el museo?

his work is displayed in the museum in display English-Spanish

sus obras están expuestas en el museo

the museum was officially declared open in declare English-Spanish

el museo fue inaugurado oficialmente

the museum houses several hundred exhibits in exhibit English-Spanish

el museo alberga una colección de varios centenares de piezas (

a tourist asked me the way to the museum in way English-Spanish

un turista me preguntó cómo se iba al museo

the museum is renowned for its collection of … in renowned English-Spanish

el museo es famoso por su colección de …

a circus, museum and craft fair all rolled into one in roll English-Spanish

un circo, un museo y una feria de artesanía, todo en uno

the museum is a wonderland for vintage car enthusiasts in wonderland English-Spanish

el museo es un paraíso para los apasionados de los coches antiguos