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musk British & World English

A strong-smelling reddish-brown substance which is secreted by the male musk deer for scent-marking and is an important ingredient in perfumery

musk plant in musk British & World English

A relative of the monkey flower, formerly cultivated for a musky fragrance which has been lost in the development of modern varieties

musk tree British & World English

Either of two Australian trees with a musky smell

musk ox British & World English

A large heavily built goat-antelope with a thick shaggy coat and a horny protuberance on the head, native to the tundra of North America and Greenland. The male emits a musky odour during the breeding season

musk deer British & World English

A small solitary deer-like East Asian mammal without antlers, the male having long protruding upper canine teeth. Musk is produced in a sac on the abdomen of the male

musk duck British & World English

An Australian stiff-tailed duck with dark grey plumage and a musky smell, the male having a large black lobe of skin hanging below the bill

musk rose British & World English

A rambling rose with large white musk-scented flowers

musk beetle British & World English

A slender longhorn beetle that is dark metallic green and emits a musk-like scent

musk melon British & World English

A yellow or green melon of a variety which has a raised network of markings on the skin

musk turtle British & World English

A small drab-coloured American freshwater turtle which has scent glands that produce an unpleasant musky odour when the turtle is disturbed

musk thistle British & World English

A thistle which has a solitary drooping flower with a musky fragrance

musk ox in ox British & World English

Used in names of wild animals related to or resembling a domesticated ox, e.g. musk ox

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