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mutual British & World English

(Of a feeling or action) experienced or done by each of two or more parties towards the other or others

mutual English Thesaurus

a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding

mutual aid British & World English

Support or assistance given and reciprocated (in later use especially as a social or political mechanism); particular reciprocal agreements in international affairs, civil administration, etc.

mutual fund British & World English

An investment programme funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings and is professionally managed

mutual deterrence British & World English

The maintenance of peace between opposing sides by each having a sufficient strike capacity to deter the other from initiating armed conflict; also in extended use.

mutual exclusion British & World English

The relation between two processes whereby one has a part that cannot be executed while a certain part of the other is running, and vice versa.

mutual improvement British & World English

Attributive designating any of various societies or clubs formed with an educational aim, whose members met to exchange information, discuss learned papers, etc.

mutual insurance British & World English

Insurance in which some or all of the profits are divided among the policyholders

mutual conductance British & World English

Another term for transconductance.

mutual inductance British & World English

A measure or coefficient of mutual induction, usually expressed in henries

mutual induction British & World English

The production of an electromotive force in a circuit by a change in the current in an adjacent circuit which is linked to the first by the flux lines of a magnetic field

mutual characteristic British & World English

A characteristic curve representing the variation of the anode current of a valve with its grid voltage at constant anode voltage.

mutual masturbation British & World English

The stimulation by two people of each other's genitals for sexual pleasure, especially manually.

mutual admiration society British & World English

A coterie of people who flatter one another and promote each other's reputations.

mutual assured destruction British & World English

Mutual deterrence between nuclear powers based on the possession by each of the capacity to destroy a substantial proportion of the population and industry of the other in response to an initial attack; abbreviated MAD.

money market mutual fund in money market fund British & World English

A mutual fund which invests in highly liquid short-term securities; more fully money market mutual fund.

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