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mystery1 British & World English

Something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain

mystery2 British & World English

A handicraft or trade, especially when referred to in indentures

mystery English Thesaurus

his death remains a mystery

mystery man British & World English

A man about whom little or nothing is known; an enigmatic or secretive man.

mystery cult British & World English

A cult based on mysteries and occult rites; a mystery religion.

mystery meat British & World English

Meat of uncertain origin, especially as served in an institutional dining hall.

mystery ship British & World English

(Chiefly in the First World War (1914–18)) an armed and camouflaged merchant vessel used as a decoy or to destroy submarines; = Q-boat.

mystery story British & World English

A detective or crime story; a novel in which a mystery is investigated or solved.

mystery train British & World English

A train taking passengers on a mystery tour.

mystery woman British & World English

A woman about whom little is known; an enigmatic or secretive woman.

mystery play British & World English

A popular medieval play based on biblical stories or the lives of the saints

mystery tour British & World English

A pleasure excursion to an unspecified destination

murder mystery British & World English

A mystery involving murder; specifically a murder story, usually having a complicated plot which conceals the murderer's identity until the end.

mystery-monger British & World English

A person who makes mysteries out of things; a person who cultivates or encourages mystery or mystification.

mystery writer British & World English

A writer of mystery stories.

mystery shopper British & World English

A person employed to visit a shop or restaurant incognito in order to assess the quality of the goods or services

mystery-mongering1 British & World English

The action or practice of cultivating or encouraging mystery; charlatanical mystification.

mystery-mongering2 British & World English

That deals in or encourages mysteries or mystification.

sorrowful mystery British & World English

Each of the five mysteries relating to the Passion of Christ, commemorated in the rosary.

mystery envelope British & World English

One of a number of envelopes containing prizes of varying value, sold for fundraising purposes

mystery religion British & World English

A religion centred on secret or mystical rites for initiates, especially any of a number of cults popular during the late Roman Empire

Eleusinian mysteries British & World English

The annual rites performed by the ancient Greeks at the village of Eleusis near Athens in honour of Demeter and Persephone