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mystery1 British & World English

Something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain

mystery2 British & World English

A handicraft or trade, especially when referred to in indentures

mystery play British & World English

A popular medieval play based on biblical stories or the lives of the saints

mystery tour British & World English

A pleasure excursion to an unspecified destination

mystery shopper British & World English

A person employed to visit a shop or restaurant incognito in order to assess the quality of the goods or services

mystery religion British & World English

A religion centred on secret or mystical rites for initiates, especially any of a number of cults popular during the late Roman Empire

Eleusinian mysteries British & World English

The annual rites performed by the ancient Greeks at the village of Eleusis near Athens in honour of Demeter and Persephone

mystery English Thesaurus

his death remains a mystery

mystery English-Spanish

misterio m

mystery play English-Spanish

misterio m, auto m sacramental

mystery writer English-Spanish

escritor, -tora m,f de novelas de misterio

mystery guest in mystery English-Spanish

invitado, -dam,f sorpresa

an air of mystery in air English-Spanish

un aire de misterio

Mary's a real mystery in mystery English-Spanish

Mary es un auténtico misterio

the mystery remained unsolved in remain English-Spanish

el misterio no se llegó a resolver

a shroud of mystery/secrecy in shroud English-Spanish

un velo de misterio/silencio

a case shrouded in mystery in shroud English-Spanish

un caso envuelto en un velo de misterio, un caso rodeado de misterio

the affair lay wrapped in mystery in wrap English-Spanish

el asunto estaba envuelto en misterio

they probed more deeply into the mystery in probe English-Spanish

continuaron tratando de esclarecer el misterio

this lends an air of mystery to the scene in lend English-Spanish

esto le da un aire de misterio a la escena

it's a mystery to me how she puts up with him in mystery English-Spanish

para mí es un misterio cómo logra aguantarlo

mystery surrounds the events leading up to his death in surround English-Spanish

los acontecimientos que llevaron a su muerte están rodeados de