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navy British & World English

The branch of the armed services of a state which conducts military operations at sea

the navy in navy British & World English

The branch of the armed services of a state which conducts military operations at sea

navy English Thesaurus

a 600-ship navy

navy bill British & World English

A promissory note or bill issued by the Navy Board instead of cash payment; (also) a promissory note drawn by a naval officer on the Admiralty (formerly the Navy Board).

navy book British & World English

An official listing of the officers and other ratings of a naval ship.

Navy Cut British & World English

A kind of tobacco (frequently in a trademark).

Navy Day British & World English

(In the United States) Oct. 27, when festivities are held to celebrate the U.S. navy.

Navy rum British & World English

Dark, flavourful rum of the type formerly issued to sailors of the Royal Navy.

army-navy British & World English

Denoting the type of shop which specializes in military surplus equipment, or the goods sold there

navy bean British & World English

North American term for haricot.

Navy List British & World English

(In the UK) an official list of the commissioned officers in the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines

navy yard British & World English

(In the US) a shipyard for the construction, repair, and equipping of naval vessels

navy agent British & World English

A person or firm responsible for managing the financial affairs of naval officers; (formerly also) †a paymaster or purser in the U.S. navy (obsolete).

navy board British & World English

An administrative board of the British Navy (merged with the Admiralty in 1832); the Lords Commissioner of the Navy (now historical).

Navy Cross British & World English

A decoration bestowed by the US Navy upon individuals who have shown exceptional heroism, especially in enemy combat

navy junior British & World English

A child of a naval officer.

Navy League British & World English

An organization founded in 1895 in Britain with the object of arousing national interest in the Navy; a similar organization founded in 1902 in the United States.

Navy Office British & World English

(A former name for) the Admiralty building in London.

oyster navy British & World English

Any of several naval forces established in the 19th cent. to protect oyster beds from theft.

Royal Navy British & World English

The British navy. It was the most powerful navy in the world from the 17th century until the Second World War

Navy Leaguer British & World English

A member of this organization or a person who sympathizes with its aims.

navy register British & World English

An official publication containing a list of the officers of the U.S. Navy and of civil servants appointed to the Department of Defense (Navy).

navy revolver British & World English

A.36 calibre revolver.

merchant navy British & World English

A country’s commercial shipping, as opposed to that involved in military activity

Navy Department British & World English

(In the US) the government department in charge of the navy

black-shoe navy in black shoe British & World English

A surface naval officer, as opposed to an aviator or submariner; frequently attributive, especially in black-shoe navy.

brown-shoe navy in brown shoe British & World English

A naval aviator; frequently attributive, especially in brown-shoe navy.

nievie-nievie-nick-nack British & World English

A children's game, in which one player has to guess the hand in which the other player has concealed a small object, such as a pin or a coin.