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needle British & World English

A very fine slender piece of polished metal with a point at one end and a hole or eye for thread at the other, used in sewing

needle English Thesaurus

the needle on the meter barely moved

ice needle British & World English

An elongated, needle-like ice crystal.

needle-bar British & World English

A bar to which the needles are attached on a sewing or knitting machine.

needle beer British & World English

Near-beer mixed with ethyl alcohol or an alcoholic drink.

needle-book British & World English

A needle-case resembling a small book.

needle case British & World English

A case for keeping sewing needles in.

needle-cast British & World English

Any of various fungal diseases of conifers characterized by discoloration and premature shedding of foliage.

needle coke British & World English

A high-grade petroleum coke, used in making graphite for the electrodes of electric-arc furnaces, in which the carbon has a highly anisotropic structure containing parallel ribbon-like ordered domains.

needle-dial British & World English

A dial bearing a needle in an electrical apparatus.

needle eye British & World English

The eye of a needle; frequently in allusions to the biblical use.

needle-felt British & World English

Felt or other non-woven fabric made by a needleloom.

needle file British & World English

A small file with a knurled cylindrical shaft, used by jewellers, watchmakers, etc.

needle-free British & World English

Lacking needles, needleless, not involving needles; especially (in relation to the administration of drugs) functioning or effected without a needle or needles.

needle gap British & World English

A pair of needle-shaped electrodes placed in line, separated by a gap across which an electric discharge can take place when the potential difference between them exceeds a value dependent on the size of the gap.

needle-gun British & World English

A rifle in which the cartridge is exploded by the impact of a long pointed firing pin.

needle ice British & World English

Ice forming needle-like crystals, especially when occurring just beneath the soil surface and often pushing up through it.

needle mark British & World English

A mark made by a needle, especially one made on the skin by injection of illegal drugs.

needle park British & World English

A public area in a city, usually with trees, bushes, benches, etc., where drug addicts gather.

needle rock British & World English

A sharply pointed rock.

needle scar British & World English

A scar made by a hypodermic injection.

needle-tin British & World English

A variety of cassiterite occurring as long prismatic crystals.

needle-tree British & World English

A coniferous tree.

needle wire British & World English

High grade steel wire; the steel wire from which needles are made.

pack-needle British & World English

A large strong needle of a type originally used to sew up packs made of tough material.

pine needle British & World English

The needle-shaped leaf of a pine tree.

needle-like British & World English

Long, slender, and pointed

needle man British & World English

A drug addict, especially a person addicted to injecting drugs

needle time British & World English

An agreed maximum allowance of time for broadcasting recorded music

match-needle British & World English

Designating or relating to a technique for obtaining correct exposure, which involves varying the shutter-speed setting of a camera until two needles, one of which is controlled by a built-in light meter, become aligned in the viewfinder.

needle artist British & World English

Slang. A drug user who administers drugs hypodermically.

needle biopsy British & World English

Biopsy performed, often percutaneously, using a hollow needle; an instance of this.

needle-board British & World English

Originally: a board in a Jacquard loom, having perforations through which the ends of the needles pass. Now chiefly: a piece of board, canvas, etc., covered with short fine wires, used to press fabrics that have a pile; (also) a board or plate carrying closely spaced barbed needles, used in a needleloom.

needle freak British & World English

A habitual drug user who administers drugs hypodermically.

needle furze British & World English

Petty whin, Genista anglica.

needle grass British & World English

Any of various grasses, chiefly of the genera Stipa, Aristida, and Triodia, having long stiff awns or spiny leaves.

needle match British & World English

A sporting contest attracting much interest and excitement, or arousing exceptional personal antagonism between the contestants; a closely or keenly fought match.

needle oiler British & World English

= needle lubricator.

needle paper British & World English

Strong black paper of a type originally used for packaging needles.

needle roller British & World English

A roller in the form of a long, thin, sometimes tapered cylinder, used in roller bearings.

needle-sharp British & World English

As sharp as a needle; figurative acute, quick-witted.

needle-shell British & World English

Any of various marine gastropod molluscs with tall, pointed shells; (now especially) = needle whelk.

needle-shower British & World English

A shower bath of strong fine jets of water; an act of bathing in such a shower.

needle spray British & World English

A fine but powerful jet of water from a shower head.

needle-stick British & World English

An accidental stab wound produced by a hypodermic or surgical needle, especially as a risk factor for the transmission of blood-borne diseases to health-care workers.

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