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neutron British & World English

A subatomic particle of about the same mass as a proton but without an electric charge, present in all atomic nuclei except those of ordinary hydrogen

neutron-rich British & World English

(Of an atomic nucleus) containing significantly more neutrons than protons; (of an element or isotope) having nuclei of this type.

fast neutron British & World English

A neutron with high kinetic energy, especially one released by nuclear fission and not slowed by any moderator

neutron bomb British & World English

A nuclear weapon that produces large numbers of neutrons rather than heat or blast, and is consequently harmful to life but not destructive of property

neutron star British & World English

A celestial object of very small radius (typically 30 km) and very high density, composed predominantly of closely packed neutrons. Neutron stars are thought to form by the gravitational collapse of the remnant of a massive star after a supernova explosion, provided that the star is insufficiently massive to produce a black hole

slow neutron British & World English

A neutron with low kinetic energy especially after moderation

neutron capture British & World English

The absorption of a neutron by an atomic nucleus.

neutron chopper British & World English

A device for converting a continuous beam of neutrons into a pulsed beam by passing it through a rotating slotted disc or cylinder.

neutron counter British & World English

An instrument for detecting and counting neutrons.

neutron excess British & World English

The excess of the number of neutrons in an atomic nucleus over the number of protons.

neutron number British & World English

The mass number of a nucleus minus its atomic number, taken as being the number of neutrons it contains.

neutron optics British & World English

The branch of physics concerned with phenomena in which the wavelike properties of neutrons are dominant and behaviour analogous to that of light waves is observed, especially diffraction.

neutron therapy British & World English

Radiotherapy employing a beam of (slow or fast) neutrons; specifically = neutron capture therapy.

neutron warhead British & World English

A nuclear warhead that contains or consists of a neutron bomb.

thermal neutron British & World English

A neutron in thermal equilibrium with its surroundings

neutron activation British & World English

The process of making a substance radioactive by irradiating it with neutrons; frequently attributive.

neutron scattering British & World English

The scattering of neutrons; specifically the scattering of an incident beam of neutrons by a substance, used to investigate condensed-matter phenomena.

neutron diffraction British & World English

Diffraction of a beam of neutrons.

neutron radiography British & World English

Radiography in which the radiation employed is a beam of neutrons.

neutron spectrometer British & World English

An instrument for measuring the energy spectrum of neutron radiation.

neutron capture therapy British & World English

A form of radiotherapy using a compound (usually one containing boron-10) that accumulates in tumour or other abnormal tissue and becomes a radiation source (by neutron capture) when subjected to an external neutron beam.

neutron activation analysis British & World English

A method of chemical analysis in which a sample is irradiated with neutrons and its radioactive components are then identified and measured using various spectrometric and radiochemical techniques.