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object British & World English

A material thing that can be seen and touched

article of virtu British & World English

An article that is interesting because of its antiquity, beauty, quality of workmanship, etc.

object English Thesaurus

wooden objects

no object British & World English

Not influencing or restricting choices or decisions

object-object British & World English

An object which is external to or distinct from the person perceiving it.

art object British & World English

An object of artistic value or significance; = objet d'art.

love object British & World English

The object (especially a person) on which love is centred.

non-object British & World English

A thing which is not, or does not represent, a material or real object.

object case British & World English

A case constructed as or appropriate to the object of a verb.

object end British & World English

The end of an optical instrument, especially a telescope, closest to the object being viewed.

object lens British & World English

The lens or system of lenses in a telescope, microscope, etc., that is nearest to the object being viewed.

object-love British & World English

Love for something external to the ego or self.

object-soul British & World English

A spiritual dimension ascribed by animists to an inanimate object; a spirit believed by animists to reside in a material object.

object word British & World English

Generally a word which designates an object.

object ball British & World English

The ball at which a player aims the cue ball

object code British & World English

Code produced by a compiler or assembler

sex object British & World English

A person regarded by another only in terms of their sexual attractiveness or availability

dative object British & World English

An object governed by a verb expressing a dative relation; an object in the dative case.

object choice British & World English

A person or thing external to the ego chosen as a focus of desire or sexual activity

object-libido British & World English

The part of the libido which is directed to objects other than the ego or self.

object matter British & World English

The matter that is the object of an action or study; the matter dealt with or treated.

object plate British & World English

The plate upon which an object is placed when examined under a microscope.

object white British & World English

The white object ball.

object world British & World English

The world external to the self, apprehended through the objects in it

person-object British & World English

Grammar a personal object of a verb (rare).

pseudo-object British & World English

A noun or pronoun that appears to be, but actually is not, the object of a sentence.

direct object British & World English

A noun phrase denoting a person or thing that is the recipient of the action of a transitive verb, for example the dog in Jeremy fed the dog

object clause British & World English

A clause that is the object of a verb

object glass British & World English

Old-fashioned term for objective3noun3noun3noun.

object lesson British & World English

A striking practical example of a principle or ideal

internal object British & World English

A subjective image formed of the object of an instinctual aim, coloured by the projection of aspects of the self, to which the emotional energy which would otherwise have been expended on the object itself is transferred.

material object British & World English

A thing made or consisting of matter, a physical object; (Philosophy) an object having a real physical existence independent of mind or consciousness.

object pronoun British & World English

A pronoun which is the object of a verb or which introduces an object clause.

object teaching British & World English

Teaching by means of object lessons.

physical object British & World English

An object that exists in space and time and that can be perceived through the senses or detected by instruments.

retained object British & World English

A direct object whose role is unchanged when another unit is the subject of a passive verb.

subject-object British & World English

Philosophy. A subject who, by self-awareness, is also an object; specifically (in the thought of Fichte) the ego; (also) an object of knowledge as it exists in the mind of the knowing subject.

cognate object British & World English

A direct object that has the same linguistic derivation as the verb which governs it, as in ‘sing a song’

indirect object British & World English

A noun phrase referring to someone or something that is affected by the action of a transitive verb (typically as a recipient), but is not the primary object (e.g. him in give him the book)

object language British & World English

A language described by means of another language

object-oriented British & World English

(Of a programming language) using a methodology which enables a system to be modelled as a set of objects which can be controlled and manipulated in a modular manner

object program British & World English

A program into which another program is translated by an assembler or compiler

object complement British & World English

A sentence element, usually a noun, noun phrase, adjective, or adjective phrase, which complements the object of a verb, expressing the state or condition of the object at the time of, or resulting from, the action.

object relations British & World English

A theory describing the relationship felt or the emotional energy directed by the self or ego toward a chosen object

BL Lac object British & World English

A type of remote elliptical galaxy with a very compact starlike nucleus, remarkable for its considerable short-term variations in brightness and radio emissions

Kuiper belt object British & World English

An object orbiting the sun in the Kuiper belt; (also) one believed to have originated in the belt, even though its present orbit is outside it; abbreviated KBO.

object-relationship British & World English

A relationship felt, or the emotional energy directed, by the self or ego towards a chosen object.

prepositional object British & World English

A noun phrase governed by a preposition

digital object identifier British & World English

A unique and persistent string of characters used to identify a journal article, website, or other item of intellectual property, typically one in digital form

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