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octave British & World English

A series of eight notes occupying the interval between (and including) two notes, one having twice or half the frequency of vibration of the other

Chanute, Octave British & World English

(1832–1910), French-born American aviation pioneer. From 1898 he produced a number of gliders, including a biplane which made over 700 flights. He assisted the Wright brothers in making the world’s first controlled powered flight

octave coupler in coupler British & World English

A device in an organ for connecting notes with their octaves above or below

Sir Thomas Octave Murdoch Sopwith in Sopwith, Sir Thomas British & World English

(1888–1989), English aircraft designer; full name Sir Thomas Octave Murdoch Sopwith. During the First World War he designed the fighter biplane the Sopwith Camel, while in the Second World War, as chairman of the Hawker Siddeley company, he was responsible for the production of aircraft such as the Hurricane fighter