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outline British & World English

A line or set of lines enclosing or indicating the shape of an object in a sketch or diagram

in outline British & World English

In broad terms

outline English Thesaurus

he could see the rectangular outline of the building

outline English-Spanish

contorno m

outline sketch in outline English-Spanish

esbozo m, bosquejo m

the hazy outline of the tower in hazy English-Spanish

el perfil borroso de la torre

a brief outline of events so far in outline English-Spanish

un breve resumen de lo sucedido hasta ahora

the project has received outline approval in outline English-Spanish

el proyecto ha sido aprobado en principio

I'll draw the outline and you paint it in in paint English-Spanish

yo dibujo el contorno y tú lo coloreas

the style is currently for a baggier outline in style English-Spanish

actualmente se lleva la ropa más holgada

make an outline of the article before you start writing in outline English-Spanish

haz un esquema del artículo antes de empezar a escribir

I like the outline, but you have to put some flesh on it in flesh English-Spanish

me gusta el esquema, pero tienes que darle más cuerpo