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overhead British & World English

Above the level of the head; in the sky

overheads in overhead British & World English

An overhead cost or expense

overhead projector British & World English

A device that projects an enlarged image of an acetate or other transparency placed on it on to a wall or screen by means of an overhead mirror

overhead English Thesaurus

another burst of thunder erupted overhead

overhead English-Spanish

the lights shone overhead

overhead projector English-Spanish

retroproyector masculine

overhead camshaft in overhead English-Spanish

árbol masculine de levas en cabeza

the lights shone overhead in overhead English-Spanish

las luces brillaban en lo alto

shells went whistling overhead in whistle English-Spanish

pasaban proyectiles silbando por encima

overhead cables carry 10,000 volts in carry English-Spanish

por los cables aéreos pasa una corriente de 10.000 voltios

the planes roar overhead every two minutes in roar English-Spanish

cada dos minutos se oye el estruendo de los aviones que pasan