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packaging British & World English

Materials used to wrap or protect goods

package British & World English

Put into a box or wrapping for sale or transport

repackage British & World English

Package again or differently

pre-pack British & World English

Pack or wrap (goods, especially food) on the site of production or before sale

packaging English Thesaurus

avoid products with excessive packaging

packaging English-Spanish

embalaje masculine

packaging Spanish-English


vacuum packaging in vacuum English-Spanish

envasado masculine al vacío

postage and packaging extra in extra English-Spanish

gastos de envío no incluidos

with the right packaging, he could be a star in packaging English-Spanish

si se le crea la imagen apropiada, podría llegar al estrellato

this packaging will withstand any amount of handling in handling English-Spanish

este tipo de embalaje resiste la manipulación constante