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panther British & World English

A leopard, especially a black one

panther cap British & World English

A poisonous toadstool which has a brownish-grey cap with fluffy white spots and white gills, found in woodland in both Eurasia and North America

Grey Panther British & World English

(In plural) an activist organization in the United States which seeks to promote social justice and the interests and rights of the elderly; (in singular) a member of this organization; (more generally) (chiefly with lower-case initials) an elderly person who is politically or socially active, especially in support of the rights of the elderly.

panther-like British & World English

Resembling or reminiscent of a panther.

panther lily British & World English

A lily of the western United States, Lilium pardalinum, cultivated for its orange flowers with dark red spots; also called leopard lily.

panther sweat British & World English

Especially bootleg, liquor.

panther toad British & World English

Either of two African toads, Bufo pantherinus of South Africa, and B. regularis, widespread in sub-Saharan Africa.

black panther British & World English

A leopard that has black fur rather than the typical spotted coat

Black Panther British & World English

A member of a militant political organization set up in the US in 1966 to fight for black rights

panther cowrie British & World English

A cowrie mottled with dark brown spots, Cypraea pantherina, of the Red Sea and East Africa.