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pass1 British & World English

Move or cause to move in a specified direction

pass2 British & World English

A route over or through mountains

let something go British & World English

Choose not to react to an action or remark

pass1 English Thesaurus

the traffic passing through the village

pass2 English Thesaurus

a pass through the mountains

pass-by British & World English

An act of passing by. rare before late 20th cent.

pass go British & World English

Successfully complete the first stage of an undertaking

all-pass British & World English

Designating a filter that attenuates signals of all frequencies equally but introduces a frequency-dependent phase shift; of or relating to such a filter.

free pass British & World English

An authorization of free admission or travel

pass box British & World English

A box used for carrying cartridges from a magazine to a gun.

pass card British & World English

A card entitling the holder to certain privileges or exemptions concerning rights of access.

pass-fail British & World English

Denoting a class, course, or system of grading in which the only two grades given are “pass” and “fail.”

pass lamp British & World English

An extra lamp on a motor vehicle for improving visibility in fog; a fog lamp.

pass line British & World English

The line between the pass court and the service court.

pass play British & World English

A play in which the ball is passed between members of the same team.

pass raid British & World English

(In South Africa) a raid carried out by the police to check that black Africans' passes are in order.

pass rush British & World English

An attempt by the defensive team to prevent the opposing quarterback from passing by harrying or tackling; play featuring such attempts.

pool pass British & World English

A pass allowing free or discounted use of a swimming pool.

port pass British & World English

Authorization to leave or land at a port.

push pass British & World English

A pass effected by pushing rather than hitting or kicking the ball.

skin pass British & World English

A final cold rolling that is given to heat-treated strip steel, effecting a small reduction in thickness and an increase in length, in order to improve surface and mechanical properties.

back pass British & World English

A deliberate pass to one’s own goalkeeper (who is not allowed to pick up the ball if the pass was kicked)

bus pass British & World English

A card, ticket, or permit entitling the holder to travel by bus, typically for a particular period of time or within a particular area

gold pass British & World English

A permit which entitles the holder to free travel on public transport, awarded to long-serving politicians

high-pass British & World English

(Of a filter) transmitting all frequencies above a certain value

low-pass British & World English

(Of a filter) transmitting all frequencies below a certain value

pass off British & World English

(Of proceedings) happen or be concluded in a specified, usually satisfactory way

pass out British & World English

Become unconscious

pass door British & World English

A door in a theatre connecting the backstage area and the auditorium

pass key British & World English

A key to the door of a restricted area, given only to those who are officially allowed access

pass laws British & World English

A body of laws in operation in South Africa under apartheid, controlling the rights of black people to residence and travel and implemented by means of identity documents compulsorily carried

pass mark British & World English

The minimum mark needed to pass an examination

wall pass British & World English

A short pass to a teammate who immediately returns it; a one-two

pass burner British & World English

(In South Africa and Rhodesia (subsequently Zimbabwe)) a person who burns his or her pass as a protest against the pass laws.

pass check British & World English

A ticket allowing the holder to leave and re-enter a place of entertainment during a performance.

pass court British & World English

The area in front of the court on the hazard side, lying between the main wall, the end wall, the service line, and the pass line.

pass rusher British & World English

A player who prevents the opposing quarterback from passing by engaging in a pass rush; a defensive lineman.

pass ticket British & World English

A ticket allowing the holder to enter or leave a place.

photo-pass British & World English

An identification card incorporating a photograph of the holder, allowing access to restricted areas, etc.

pivot pass British & World English

A move in which a player pivots to pass the ball.

return pass British & World English

A permit giving authorization for the holder to re-enter an event, place, etc.

White Pass British & World English

A pass from Skagway in Alaska into British Columbia that provided a route for gold seekers in the 1890s Klondike rush. A railroad here, opened in 1900, draws tourists

Donner Pass British & World English

A site in the Sierra Nevada in northeastern California where some members of an 1844 emigrant party survived a blizzard partly by eating the dead

Eagle Pass British & World English

A city in southwestern Texas, on the Rio Grande; population 26,668 (est. 2008)

Khyber Pass British & World English

A mountain pass in the Hindu Kush, on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan at a height of 1,067 m (3,520 ft). In the past the pass was of great commercial and strategic importance and formed the route by which successive invaders entered India; it was garrisoned by the British intermittently between 1839 and 1947

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