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passion British & World English

Strong and barely controllable emotion

the Passion in passion British & World English

The suffering and death of Jesus

passion English Thesaurus

the passion with which voters attach themselves to a particular political party

ale passion British & World English

A severe headache or other after-effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol; a hangover.

passion day British & World English

Originally: a day on which a Christian martyr suffered death, or on which the martyr's sufferings are commemorated. Later: (in extended use) of non-Christian martyrs.

passion pit British & World English

A place where flirting, petting, or sexual activity occurs (especially regularly); specifically a drive-in cinema.

Passion cross British & World English

The cross on which Jesus was crucified; (with reference to shape) = Latin cross; (Heraldry) = Calvary Cross.

passion dock British & World English

The plant bistort, Polygonum bistorta.

Passion music British & World English

Music to which a narrative of the Passion is set.

passion wagon British & World English

A vehicle used to impress a potential sexual partner, or for love-making.

passion fruit British & World English

The edible purple fruit of a kind of passion flower that is grown commercially, especially in tropical America and the Caribbean

Passion play British & World English

A dramatic performance representing Christ’s Passion from the Last Supper to the Crucifixion

Passion Week British & World English

The week between Passion Sunday and Palm Sunday

passion-killer British & World English

(In plural) originally Military unattractive (standard-issue) women's underwear.

passion flower British & World English

An evergreen climbing plant of warm regions, which bears distinctive flowers with parts that supposedly resemble instruments of the Crucifixion

Passion Sunday British & World English

The fifth Sunday in Lent

ruling passion British & World English

An interest or concern that occupies a large part of someone’s time and effort

choleric passion British & World English

An emotion or trait believed to be determined by the humour choler (now historical); anger, bad temper; a fit of this.

New Zealand passion flower British & World English

A climbing plant with greenish white flowers and orange fruits, Passiflora (formerly Tetrapathaea) tetrandra (family Passifloraceae).