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pattern British & World English

A repeated decorative design

pattern English Thesaurus

the pattern on the wallpaper

patterned in pattern British & World English

Decorate with a recurring design

pattern book British & World English

A book containing samples of patterns and designs of cloth or wallpaper

pattern drill British & World English

Another term for pattern practice.

test pattern British & World English

A geometric design broadcast by a television station so that viewers can adjust the quality of their reception

fiddle pattern British & World English

A design of spoons and forks, with handles shaped like the body of a violin

holding pattern British & World English

The flight path maintained by an aircraft awaiting permission to land

pattern bombing British & World English

The bombing of a target from a number of aircraft according to a prescribed pattern intended to produce the maximum effect

pattern welding British & World English

A technique in which metal bars and strips of different type and colour were welded together and hammered out to give a patterned artefact

thought pattern British & World English

A habit of thinking in a particular way, using particular assumptions

traffic pattern British & World English

A pattern in the air above an airport of permitted lanes for aircraft to follow after take-off or prior to landing

willow pattern British & World English

A conventional design representing a Chinese scene in blue on white pottery, typically showing three figures on a bridge, with a willow tree and two birds above

willow pattern New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

(two words, hyphen when attributive)

pattern baldness British & World English

Genetically determined baldness in which hair is gradually lost according to a characteristic pattern

pattern practice British & World English

The intensive repetition of the distinctive constructions and patterns of a foreign language as a means of learning

radiation pattern British & World English

The directional variation in intensity of the radiation from an aerial or other source

electro-selective pattern British & World English

A mode of automatic light-metering in a camera which compensates for differences in the brightness of the central and peripheral portions of the image

pattern something on/after in pattern British & World English

Give something a form based on that of (something else)

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