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pavement British & World English

A raised paved or asphalted path for pedestrians at the side of a road

pavement English Thesaurus

I had parked blocking the pavement

pavement cell British & World English

A cell of pavement epithelium; a squamous epithelial cell.

pavement stone British & World English

Stone used as a material for paving.

pavement tooth British & World English

Each of the broad flat teeth forming a pavement, as in certain sharks (usually in plural).

desert pavement British & World English

A surface layer of closely packed or cemented pebbles, rock fragments, etc., from which fine material has been removed by the wind in arid regions

moving pavement British & World English

A mechanism resembling a conveyor belt for pedestrians in a place such as an airport

pavement artist British & World English

An artist who draws with coloured chalks on paving stones or paper laid on a pavement to earn money from passers-by

pavement pounder British & World English

A beat police officer.

pavement princess British & World English

A prostitute who seeks business on the streets.

pavement-toothed British & World English

(Of certain sharks) having broad flat teeth arranged in a pavement.

limestone pavement British & World English

A horizontal or gently sloping expanse of bare limestone, consisting of large blocks (clints) separated by deep eroded fissures (grikes)

pavement epithelium British & World English

Epithelium consisting of or containing one or more layers of closely apposed flattened cells; squamous epithelium.