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peep1 British & World English

Look quickly and furtively at something, especially through a narrow opening

peep2 British & World English

A feeble, high-pitched sound made by a young bird or mammal

bo-peep British & World English

A quick look

peep-bo British & World English

British term for peekaboo.

peep show British & World English

A sequence of pictures viewed through a lens or hole set into a box, formerly offered as a public entertainment

peep-toe British & World English

(Of a shoe) having the tip cut away to leave the large toe partially exposed

peep sight British & World English

A backsight for rifles with a circular hole through which the foresight is brought into line with the object aimed at

peep out in peep1 British & World English

Come gradually or partially into view

peephole British & World English

A small hole that may be looked through, especially one in a door through which callers may be identified before the door is opened

peep1 English Thesaurus

I peeped through the keyhole

peep2 English Thesaurus

one morning I heard a telltale peep

peep English-Spanish

espiar*, vichar RPlfamiliar/colloquial

peep-toed English-Spanish

abierto en la punta

peep-toe in peep-toed English-Spanish

abierto en la punta

don't peep! in peep English-Spanish

no mires, no viches

can I have a peep? in peep English-Spanish

¿puedo ver?, ¿a ver?, ¿puedo vichar?

the peep of a car horn in peep English-Spanish

el pitido de un claxon

she had a quick peep at the answer in peep English-Spanish

le echó un vistazo a la respuesta, vichó la respuesta

any news from your brother? — not a peep in peep English-Spanish

¿sabes algo de tu hermano? — ¡ni pío!

we haven't heard a peep out of the baby all night in peep English-Spanish

el niño no ha rechistado en toda la noche

one more peep out of you and there'll be trouble! in peep English-Spanish

¡como vuelvas a abrir la boca, ya vas a ver!