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performance British & World English

An act of presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment

performance art British & World English

An art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance

non-performance British & World English

Failure or refusal to perform or fulfil a condition, promise, etc.

performance bond British & World English

A bond issued by a bank or other financial institution, guaranteeing the fulfilment of a particular contract

performance poetry British & World English

A form of poetry intended to be performed as a dramatic monologue or exchange and frequently involving extemporization

performance-enhancing British & World English

Denoting or relating to a substance, typically one banned for use in competitive events, that is taken by an athlete or sports player to improve their performance

performance testing British & World English

The evaluation of a person’s mental or manual ability

concert performance British & World English

A performance of a piece of music written for an opera, ballet, piece of theatre, religious service, etc., at a concert without the accompanying dramatic action or liturgy

command performance British & World English

(In the UK) a presentation of a play, concert, film, or other show at the request of royalty, who usually attend

specific performance British & World English

The performance of a contractual duty, as ordered in cases where damages would not be adequate remedy

linguistic performance in performance British & World English

An individual’s use of a language, i.e. what a speaker actually says, including hesitations, false starts, and errors

Royal Command Performance in command performance British & World English

(In the UK) a presentation of a play, concert, film, or other show at the request of royalty, who usually attend

performance English Thesaurus

there are two evening performances

performance English-Spanish

representación feminine, función feminine

performance Spanish-English


performance art English-Spanish

performance art, arte

high-performance English-Spanish

de alto rendimiento

benefit performance English-Spanish

actuación, actuación

continuous performance English-Spanish

función feminine continua Latin America except Southern Cone/América Latina excepto Cono Sur, sesión feminine continua Spain/España, función feminine continuada Southern Cone/Cono Sur

performance-related English-Spanish

según rendimiento

gala performance in gala English-Spanish

(función feminine de) gala feminine

in performance in performance English-Spanish

(actuando) en directo

a charity performance in charity English-Spanish

una función benéfica, un beneficio

a cameo performance in cameo English-Spanish

una actuación especial

what a performance! in performance English-Spanish

¡qué historia!, ¡qué lata!, ¡qué rollo! Spain/Españacolloquial/familiar

a wooden performance in wooden English-Spanish

una actuación acartonada

a pathetic performance in pathetic English-Spanish

una pésima actuación, una actuación que daba pena

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