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personal British & World English

Belonging to or affecting a particular person rather than anyone else

personal English Thesaurus

a highly personal style

personal in personal English Thesaurus

a highly personal style

personal bill British & World English

An invoice or bill to an individual, rather than a company, etc.

personal call British & World English

A visit or call made in person.

personal foul British & World English

A rule violation involving illegal contact, as (in basketball) touching a player who is in the act of shooting

personal god British & World English

A god possessing the nature or attributes of a person; specifically (with capital initial) the Christian God.

personal loan British & World English

A loan made to an individual for his or her private requirements by a finance company or bank.

personal name British & World English

The name by which an individual or (occasionally) a thing is identified or known; a first name.

personal noun British & World English

A noun identifying a person.

personal oath British & World English

An oath made or signed by a particular person.

personal best British & World English

The best time or score ever achieved by a sports player in a particular event

personal day British & World English

A paid or unpaid day of leave from work for reasons other than illness or holiday, taken at the employee’s discretion

personal life British & World English

Someone’s personal relationships, interests, and activities as distinct from their public or professional life

personal alarm British & World English

A small portable alarm, especially one which, when activated, alerts others that the user requires assistance.

personal banker British & World English

An individual, or group of individuals, appointed to look after the financial affairs of, or act as a bank for, a particular person, specifically (in later use) an employee of a bank assigned to look after the account of a particular (especially valued) customer.

personal caller British & World English

A client or customer who visits a business in person; a visitor.

personal ledger British & World English

A ledger containing personal accounts, chiefly those of debtors and creditors, as opposed to nominal accounts.

personal action British & World English

An action brought for compensation or damages for loss of a thing from the person responsible, rather than for recovery of the thing itself

personal column British & World English

A section of a newspaper devoted to personal advertisements

personal estate British & World English

Another term for personal property.

personal injury British & World English

Physical injury inflicted to a person’s body, as opposed to damage to property or reputation

personal space British & World English

The physical space immediately surrounding someone, into which encroachment can feel threatening or uncomfortable

personal stereo British & World English

A small portable audio player, used with lightweight headphones

personal touch British & World English

An element or feature contributed by someone to make something less impersonal

personal allowance British & World English

A sum of money given to cover personal expenses, or for personal use.

personal computing British & World English

The action or practice of using a personal computer.

personal construct British & World English

A personal mental model of how the world or some aspect of it works, which is tested against experience and revised accordingly, and is part of a system of constructs which shape a person's expectations, emotional reactions, thinking, and behaviour.

personal contract British & World English

A contract depending on the existence or particular skills of one of the parties involved.

personal diligence British & World English

By imprisonment of the debtor (as opposed to confiscation of property).

personal distance British & World English

A degree of remoteness that is either desired or felt to exist by a person between himself or herself and another person; specifically (Sociology and Psychol.) = social distance.

personal effects British & World English

Personal possessions or luggage as distinguished from merchandise, etc.

personal equation British & World English

The correction required in scientific observations (originally in astronomy) to compensate for the habitual inaccuracy of an individual observer; (in extended use) the component of a situation which relates to or arises from an individual's personal qualities.

personal hygiene British & World English

The action, habit, or practice of keeping oneself clean, especially as a means of maintaining good health.

personal idealism British & World English

Philosophical idealism which emphasizes the essential role of the conscious person in relation to the perception of external reality, or in relation to God.

personal idealist British & World English

An adherent of personal idealism.

personal identity British & World English

Philosophy the condition or fact of being one person, or remaining the same person throughout the various phases of existence; continuity of the personality.

personal liberty British & World English

The freedom of an individual to act as he or she wishes.

personal prelature British & World English

A religious order designated a diocese with its own prelate.

personal service British & World English

Law the action or an act of serving process in person on a party or prospective party to legal proceedings.

personal assistant British & World English

A secretary or administrative assistant working exclusively for one particular person

personal computer British & World English

A computer designed for use by one person at a time

personal organizer British & World English

A loose-leaf notebook with sections including a diary and pages for recording addresses and telephone numbers

personal pension British & World English

A pension scheme that is independent of the contributor’s employer

personal pronoun British & World English

Each of the pronouns in English (I, you, he, she, it, we, they, me, him, her, us, and them) comprising a set that shows contrasts of person, gender, number, and case

personal property British & World English

All of someone’s property except land and those interests in land that pass to their heirs

personal services British & World English

Commercial services such as catering and cleaning that supply the personal needs of customers

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