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philosophical British & World English

Relating or devoted to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence

philosophical English Thesaurus

a philosophical question

philosophical egg British & World English

An egg-shaped glass vessel with a long neck, used for heating substances over a long period of time.

philosophical oil British & World English

A pure or essential oil; specifically = brick-oil.

philosophical tree British & World English

Historical = philosophers' tree.

philosophical logic British & World English

The branch of philosophy which deals with the principal concepts of logic, such as reference, necessity, negation, etc.

philosophical month British & World English

Now historical, a period of forty days, used especially by alchemists.

philosophical radical British & World English

A member of a group of early 19th-cent. radicals whose advocacy of political reform was based on Benthamite utilitarian philosophy.

psycho-philosophical British & World English

Combining psychological and philosophical concerns or interpretations.

philosophical analysis British & World English

The branch of philosophy that deals with the clarification of existing concepts and knowledge

philosophical radicalism British & World English

The views of or reforms advocated by the philosophical radicals.