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phosphate British & World English

A salt or ester of phosphoric acid, containing PO43− or a related anion or a group such as —OPO(OH)2

acid phosphate British & World English

Chemistry a phosphate of which the anion or molecule contains replaceable hydrogen atoms, especially one containing the anions HPO4 2− or H2PO4 −.

phosphate bond British & World English

A chemical bond linking a phosphate group to another part of a molecule, especially such a bond in ATP which is hydrolysed to provide energy in living organisms.

phosphate-free British & World English

Not containing phosphates, having phosphates removed (now especially of detergents whose composition is designed to minimize water pollution).

phosphate glass British & World English

A glass of which the major constituent is phosphorus pentoxide or a phosphate.

phosphate rock British & World English

Rock containing a substantial amount of calcium phosphate (usually in the form of apatite).

rock phosphate British & World English

Any sedimentary rock containing a high proportion of phosphates, often used as a fertilizer; phosphorite.

ferric phosphate British & World English

Iron(iii) phosphate, a yellow solid used as a molluscicide and in rustproofing iron.

pentose phosphate British & World English

An anion consisting of a pentose in which a hydroxyl group —OH is replaced by a phosphate group —OPO3 2−, which is produced during the formation of reduced NADP by the pentose phosphate pathway.

phosphate island British & World English

An island consisting largely of phosphate rock.

pentose phosphate cycle British & World English

= pentose phosphate pathway.

pentose phosphate shunt British & World English

= pentose phosphate pathway.

pentose phosphate pathway British & World English

A cyclic metabolic pathway in the body and in higher plants by which glucose phosphate is converted to a pentose phosphate with the reduction of NADP, the pentose phosphate being afterwards converted into phosphates of a hexose and a triose or else incorporated into nucleotides.

superphosphate British & World English

A fertilizer made by treating phosphate rock with sulphuric or phosphoric acid