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physical British & World English

Relating to the body as opposed to the mind

physical examination in physical British & World English

A medical examination to determine a person’s bodily fitness

physical English Thesaurus

mental and physical well-being

physical atom British & World English

An ultimate component particle of which material substances are composed or into which they may be physically divided.

physical sign British & World English

An indication of disease that can detected during examination of a patient by visual inspection, palpation, auscultation, percussion, etc.

non-physical British & World English

Not relating to or concerning the body

get physical British & World English

Become aggressive or violent

ethico-physical British & World English

Both ethical and physical in character; relating to both ethics and the physical world.

physical force British & World English

An influence acting within the physical world, a force of nature; a mechanical force.

physical object British & World English

An object that exists in space and time and that can be perceived through the senses or detected by instruments.

physical optics British & World English

The branch of optics concerned with the properties of light itself (as distinguished from the function of sight); especially the part of this dealing with wave theory and the phenomena explained by it (e.g. interference and diffraction).

physical point British & World English

A point in the physical world, i.e. one having a very small spatial extent (often contrasted with mathematical point); a mass occupying such a point.

physical jerks British & World English

Energetic exercises done as part of a fitness routine

mechanico-physical British & World English

Of or relating to mechanical and physical processes; specifically of, relating to, or designating a philosophy that explains all phenomena as the outcome of the motions and interactions of matter in accordance with physical laws.

physical astronomy British & World English

The branch of astronomy concerned with physical properties of celestial objects; the application of the techniques and theories of physics to astronomy.

physical culturist British & World English

An advocate or exponent of physical culture.

physical geology British & World English

The study of the formation of rocks and the physical changes they undergo, as distinct from palaeontology.

physical theology British & World English

Natural theology, especially = physico-theology.

physical chemistry British & World English

The branch of chemistry concerned with the application of the techniques and theories of physics to the study of chemical systems

physical culture British & World English

The development of the body by exercise

physical education British & World English

Instruction in physical exercise and games, especially in schools

physical geography British & World English

The branch of geography dealing with natural features

physical medicine British & World English

The branch of medicine concerned with the treatment of disease by physical means such as manipulation, heat, electricity, or radiation, rather than by medication or surgery

physical sciences British & World English

The sciences concerned with the study of inanimate natural objects, including physics, chemistry, astronomy, and related subjects

physical theatre British & World English

A form of theatre which emphasizes the use of physical movement, as in dance and mime, for expression

physical therapy British & World English

US term for physiotherapy.

physical training British & World English

The systematic use of exercises to promote bodily fitness and strength

physical laboratory British & World English

A laboratory for experiments in physical science.

physical metallurgy British & World English

The branch of metallurgy concerned with the structure and physical properties of metals.

physical mineralogy British & World English

The branch of mineralogy concerned with the physical properties of minerals, as distinct from their chemical composition.

get physical in physical British & World English

Become aggressive or violent

physical anthropology in anthropology British & World English

The science of human zoology, evolution, and ecology