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piano1 British & World English

A large keyboard musical instrument with a wooden case enclosing a soundboard and metal strings, which are struck by hammers when the keys are depressed. The strings' vibration is stopped by dampers when the keys are released and can be regulated for length and volume by two or three pedals

piano2 British & World English

(Especially as a direction) soft or softly

piano1 New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

large keyboard instrument

piano bar British & World English

A bar that features live piano music

dumb piano British & World English

A dummy piano keyboard for exercising the fingers

forte piano British & World English

(Especially as a direction) loud and then immediately soft

grand piano British & World English

A large, full-toned piano which has the body, strings, and soundboard arranged horizontally and in line with the keys and is supported by three legs

mezzo piano British & World English

(Especially as a direction) moderately soft

piano bench British & World English

A bench for sitting at a piano, often with an adjustable height mechanism and/or a storage area for music

piano hinge British & World English

A narrow hinge with a pin of the same length as the movable part

piano organ British & World English

A mechanical piano constructed like a barrel organ

piano roll British & World English

A roll of perforated paper which controls the movement of the keys in a pianola or similar instrument, so producing a particular melody

piano stool British & World English

A stool for a pianist, typically adjustable in height

piano trio British & World English

A trio for piano and two stringed instruments, usually violin and cello

piano tuner British & World English

A person who tunes pianos as an occupation

piano wire British & World English

Strong steel wire used for piano strings

thumb piano British & World English

Any of various musical instruments, mainly of African origin, made from strips of metal fastened to a resonator and played by plucking with the fingers and thumbs

piano nobile British & World English

The first floor of a large Palladian or Georgian house, containing the principal rooms

player-piano British & World English

A piano fitted with a pneumatic apparatus enabling it to be played automatically by means of a rotating perforated roll signalling the notes to be played

square piano British & World English

An early type of piano, small and oblong in shape

piano nobile New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

first, main floor of a building

piano accordion British & World English

An accordion with the melody played on a small vertical keyboard like that of a piano

prepared piano British & World English

A piano with objects placed on or between the strings, or some strings retuned, to produce an unusual tonal effect

pianoforte British & World English

Formal term for piano.

Renzo Piano in Pompidou Centre British & World English

A modern art gallery, exhibition centre, and concert hall in Paris, designed by Sir Richard Rogers and the Italian architect Renzo Piano (b.1937) and opened in 1977

Renzo Piano in Rogers, Richard British & World English

Baron Rogers of Riverside (b.1933), British architect, born in Italy; full name Richard George Rogers. A leading exponent of high-tech architecture, his major works include the Pompidou Centre in Paris (1971-7), designed with the Italian architect Renzo Piano (b.1937), and the Lloyd’s Building in London (1986)