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pica1 British & World English

A unit of type size and line length equal to 12 points (about 16 inch or 4.2 mm)

pica2 British & World English

A tendency or craving to eat substances other than normal food (such as clay, plaster, or ashes), occurring during childhood or pregnancy, or as a symptom of disease

Pica pica in magpie British & World English

A long-tailed crow with boldly marked (or green) plumage and a noisy call

pica English-Spanish


volando pica in volar Spanish-English

he's/she's a quick worker!

echar pica y pala in pica Spanish-English

to work one's fingers to the bone

sacarle pica a algn in pica Spanish-English

to get on sb's nerves

esta mostaza pica mucho in picar Spanish-English

this mustard's really hot, this mustard really burns your mouth

¡cómo pica el sol hoy! in picar Spanish-English

the sun's really burning

la salsa pica que rabia in rabiar Spanish-English

the sauce is incredibly hot

sarna con gusto no pica in sarna Spanish-English

it's up to him/her, he's/she's chosen to do it like that (

ya me/le pica el bagre in bagre Spanish-English

I'm/he's getting hungry

hay mucha pica entre ellos in pica Spanish-English

there's a lot of resentment between them

el que se pica, ajos come in ajo Spanish-English

if the cap fits, wear it