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pidgin British & World English

A grammatically simplified form of a language, typically English, Dutch, or Portuguese, some elements of which are taken from local languages, used for communication between people not sharing a common language

piggin British & World English

A (small) pail or similar vessel, especially a wooden one with one stave longer than the rest serving as a handle; a vessel of this sort used as a milking pail. Also: a (wooden) drinking vessel; a scoop or ladle consisting of a can with a handle on the side; a lading-can.

Pidgin in pidgin British & World English

another term for Tok Pisin.

pidgin English British & World English

A pidgin in which the chief language is English, used originally between Chinese people and Europeans

Melanesian Pidgin British & World English

A language spoken in Melanesia, derived from pidgin English but now effectively a creole, comprising three main varieties or dialects (Tok Pisin in Papua New Guinea, Bislama in Vanuatu, and Pijin in the Solomon Islands), and serving as the lingua franca both within and among these communities.

Australian pidgin British & World English

A variety of English used between indigenous peoples and settlers in Australia, particularly in the nineteenth century