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pirate British & World English

A person who attacks and robs ships at sea

pirate English Thesaurus

pirates boarded the ship

air pirate British & World English

A person who perpetrates an illegal or violent act using an aircraft; (in later use) especially a hijacker of aircraft, a skyjacker.

land pirate British & World English

A robber or highwayman

Pirate Coast British & World English

A stretch of coastline on the west coast of India, lying between Goa and Bombay (now Mumbai).

pirate label British & World English

(The label of) a record company which issues records in infringement of copyright.

pirate perch British & World English

A small voracious, freshwater fish, Aphredoderus sayanus (the only member of the family Aphredoderidae), common in the eastern United States.

pirate spider British & World English

Any of various spiders of the genus Pirata (family Lycosidae), which are capable of running across water and catching insects on or just below the surface; specifically the common northern European P. piraticus.

radio pirate British & World English

A person or organization transmitting (and formerly also receiving) radio programmes without official authorization.

pirate fishing British & World English

Fishing on the high seas in contravention of national and international laws governing quotas, typically by ships under flags of convenience that are owned by dummy companies