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piston British & World English

A disc or short cylinder fitting closely within a tube in which it moves up and down against a liquid or gas, used in an internal-combustion engine to derive motion, or in a pump to impart motion

piston core British & World English

A core of underwater sediment obtained with a piston core sampler.

piston head British & World English

The disc or cylindrical part forming the end of a piston, which is attached to the piston rod.

piston-like British & World English

Resembling a piston in action; (of motion) resembling that of a piston.

piston pin British & World English

A pin which secures a piston to its connecting rod, especially in an internal-combustion engine.

piston pump British & World English

A pump having a piston.

piston slap British & World English

The rocking of a loosely fitting piston against the cylinder wall; the noise resulting from this.

piston ring British & World English

A ring on a piston sealing the gap between the piston and the cylinder wall

piston rod British & World English

A rod or crankshaft attached to a piston to drive a wheel or to impart motion

piston drill British & World English

A percussion drill in which the bit is attached to the rod of a piston.

piston sleeve British & World English

A tube or hollow shaft that moves longitudinally with the piston head in a trunk engine, usually taking the place of the cross-head.

piston valve British & World English

A valve in a piston, as in that of a piston pump.

piston wheel British & World English

A wheel or rotating disc carrying at its outer margin one or more pistons.

piston corer British & World English

A piston-driven cylindrical device for taking samples of material from the seabed

piston engine British & World English

An engine, especially in an aircraft, in which power is derived from cylinders and pistons rather than a turbine

piston bellows British & World English

Bellows in which the air current is supplied by the action of a piston.

piston packing British & World English

Any material used for filling the space between a piston head and the cylinder within which it moves, so as to prevent steam, air, etc., leaking out.

piston sampler British & World English

= piston core sampler.

piston whistle British & World English

A whistle in which the pitch of the sound is varied by means of a piston sliding in the tube, shortening or lengthening the vibrating column of air.

plunger piston British & World English

A solid cylindrical piston used in a plunger pump.

piston core sampler British & World English

An underwater core sampler consisting of a long weighted cylinder containing at its lower end a piston attached to the lowering cable, devised so that when the cylinder enters the bottom sediments under its own weight the descent of the piston is arrested, and the resulting partial vacuum inside the cylinder causes the pressure of the water to force it further into the sediment.