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planetary British & World English

Relating or belonging to a planet or planets

planetary day British & World English

A day of the week, considered in respect of its ruling planet.

planetary hour British & World English

(Now historical) one twelfth of the natural day or night (varying in length according to the time of the year and the latitude of the observer), especially (in Astrology) such a period ruled by a particular planet.

planetary mill British & World English

A heavy rolling mill for flattening metal in a single pass, the hot slab being forced between two large rolls each of which has a number of smaller work rolls around its circumference, the former being rotated in the direction of feed so that the latter rotate against the strip.

planetary mixer British & World English

A mixer or stirrer in which paddles are rotated about an axis which itself is moved in a circular path.

planetary wave British & World English

A westward-moving undulation of air with a wavelength of thousands of kilometres, which forms in the troposphere and propagates into the stratosphere, transporting heat towards the poles and affecting the formation and distribution of ozone holes.

planetary year British & World English

The period of revolution of a planet round a star, especially of a planet of the solar system around the sun.

planetary gear British & World English

Another term for planet gear.

planetary electron British & World English

An electron which is bound to an atomic nucleus.

planetary system British & World English

A system comprising a star and its planets; the solar system; (also figurative) a system of correlated parts.

planetary nebula British & World English

A ring-shaped nebula formed by an expanding shell of gas round an ageing star

planetary precession British & World English

The part of the precession of the earth's axis that is caused by the gravitational attraction of the other planets in the solar system.

interplanetary British & World English

Situated or travelling between planets