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plateau British & World English

An area of fairly level high ground

plateau English Thesaurus

a windswept plateau

plateau green British & World English

A putting green consisting of a level area on top of a bank or mound.

plateau phase British & World English

The second of four stages of human sexual response identified by William Masters, in which there is a period of intense sexual excitement lasting a variable but usually short time following a longer phase of increasing excitement and succeeded either by orgasm or by a longer period of decreasing excitement.

plateau basalt British & World English

Basaltic lava extruded from fissures and forming sheets that cover a large area.

plateau gravel British & World English

Gravel occurring in a sheet on hilltops or a plateau, at a height that suggests it has been raised by earth movement since its deposition.

Kaibab Plateau British & World English

A highland region in northwestern Arizona, north of the Grand Canyon, that adjoins southern Utah

Colorado Plateau British & World English

A region of arid uplands in the southwestern US; along the Colorado River in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona; noted for its scenery

Laurentian Plateau British & World English

Another name for Canadian Shield.

Kaiparowits Plateau British & World English

A highland region in south central Utah, north of Lake Powell