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plotter British & World English

Someone who secretly makes plans to do something illegal or harmful; a conspirator

plouter2 British & World English

To dabble or flounder in water, mud, etc., with the hands or feet; to splash about or work in anything wet or dirty.

plotter English Thesaurus

the plotters had intended to assassinate the president

plotter pen British & World English

A pen for use with a plotter.

drum plotter British & World English

A computer plotter in which the paper moves on a revolving drum, the writing being done by a pen that moves from side to side across it.

radar plotter British & World English

A person who plots the direction and course of objects from radar observations.

plotter-printer British & World English

A device that combines the functions of a plotter and a (text) printer.

powder plotter British & World English

A conspirator involved in the Gunpowder Plot.