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police British & World English

The civil force of a state, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order

police English Thesaurus

it would not be possible to police the area effectively

police bail British & World English

The release of a person from police custody subject to certain conditions, including a requirement that he or she returns at an appointed time; the conditions stipulated or a sum of money paid as a surety in the case of such a release.

police box British & World English

A small office or booth staffed by one or more police officers (now chiefly in Japan).

police boy British & World English

A native-born male employed by the police force of a colonial or white-dominated administration as an assistant, security officer, or (especially Australian) tracker.

police car British & World English

A car (formerly also a carriage) used by the police.

police grip British & World English

A grip or hold used by police officers to control or subdue a prisoner.

police jury British & World English

An elected governing body in most Louisiana parishes, corresponding to a county board of commissioners in other states

police lock British & World English

A device fitted in addition to a standard lock on a door or window to prevent it from being opened or to allow it to open only a certain distance.

police rate British & World English

A police tax; a tax for the maintenance of a police force.

police riot British & World English

A violent disturbance of the peace or display of brutality by a group of police officers, especially one initially directed at civilians engaged in a protest or demonstration.

police tape British & World English

(A length of) plastic tape used by the police to form a temporary barrier to restrict public access to a particular area, usually the scene of a crime or accident.

police trap British & World English

A means or arrangement employed by police for detecting or apprehending lawbreakers; (now) especially an arrangement used for detecting motorists who exceed a speed limit.

police dog British & World English

A dog, especially an Alsatian, trained for use in police work

Marine Police British & World English

A police force instituted 1798 (originally by private enterprise) to protect merchant shipping on the River Thames in the Port of London; a similar police force in other countries.

police action British & World English

The activity or behaviour of the police.

police aided British & World English

That is aided or assisted by the police, frequently designating charitable organizations supplying clothing and footwear to poor children.

police board British & World English

(Originally) a committee having responsibility for public amenities, the maintenance of law and order, etc.; (later) a local government board or committee set up to oversee the activities of a local police force.

police burgh British & World English

A Scottish burgh in which elected magistrates and Commissioners of Police had powers and responsibilities corresponding to those of a local council.

police court British & World English

A subordinate criminal court; specifically a court of summary jurisdiction for the trial or investigation of charges brought by the police; a magistrates' court.

police judge British & World English

A stipendiary police magistrate.

police-master British & World English

A superintendent or chief of police, especially in Russia.

police matron British & World English

A policewoman who takes charge of women or juveniles at a police station or in court.

police novel British & World English

A crime novel, especially one characterized by detailed attention to police procedures.

police office British & World English

Originally: the headquarters of the police force in a city or town. Now: an office dealing with enquiries, reports of minor crimes, and other non-urgent police business.

police power British & World English

Law (chiefly US), the right of a government to make laws regulating conduct to the extent that they are necessary to secure the health, safety, good order, comfort, or general welfare of the community.

police runner British & World English

A police officer of the lowest rank.

police siren British & World English

The siren on a police vehicle.

river police British & World English

A police force, or a department of one, with responsibility for patrolling rivers.

state police British & World English

The police force of the State; (also) a police force with authority across and within a particular state.

police chief British & World English

The person in charge of a police force

police force British & World English

An organized body of police officers responsible for a country, district, or town

police record British & World English

A dossier kept by the police on all people convicted of crime

police state British & World English

A totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens' activities

secret police British & World English

A police force working in secret against a government’s political opponents

fashion police British & World English

A group of people enforcing a particular dress code; especially (humorous) a notional group of self-appointed experts who habitually comment on the fashion sense of others, usually to condemn them for a perceived lack of style.

language police British & World English

A (notional or self-appointed) group seeking to impose standards regarding what constitutes acceptable language.

police barrier British & World English

A temporary fence or railing erected by the police to restrict public access to a particular area, especially when large crowds are expected.

police blotter British & World English

A record of arrests and charges at a police station; a newspaper article based on this record.

police captain British & World English

A subordinate officer in a police force.

police control British & World English

Regulation or direction by the police.

police cruiser British & World English

A police patrol car; (also, in early use) a police boat.

police culture British & World English

The attitudes and behaviour prevalent among the police force, often considered to be characterized by solidarity and resistance to change, and sometimes alleged to be discriminatory and intolerant.

police message British & World English

A message sent by the police; specifically a message or announcement specially broadcast or published at the request of police authorities.

Police Positive British & World English

A type of Colt revolver.

police reporter British & World English

A newspaper reporter who concentrates on stories concerning crime and police activity.

police science British & World English

The scientific study of the investigation and detection of crime; forensic science.

police special British & World English

A type of revolver, specifically a Colt Police Positive Special (designed to provide more firepower than the Police Positive).

police village British & World English

(In Ontario) a small village administered by an elected group of trustees rather than a council or municipal corporation.

police whistle British & World English

A type of loud whistle used by the police.

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