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roly-poly British & World English

(Of a person) having a round, plump appearance

polydrug British & World English

Relating to or denoting the use of several, typically illegal, drugs together

roly-poly pudding in roly-poly British & World English

A pudding made of a sheet of suet pastry covered with jam or fruit, formed into a roll, and steamed or baked

polycotton British & World English

Fabric made from a mixture of cotton and polyester fibre

polyethnic British & World English

Belonging to, comprising, or containing many ethnic groups

polytunnel British & World English

An elongated polythene-covered frame under which seedlings or other plants are grown outdoors

poly English-Spanish

→ polytechnic

poly- English-Spanish


roly-poly English Thesaurus

a roly-poly man with a walrus moustache

roly-poly English-Spanish

especie de brazo de gitano cocido al vapor