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pore1 British & World English

A minute opening in a surface, especially the skin or integument of an organism, through which gases, liquids, or microscopic particles may pass

pore2 British & World English

Be absorbed in reading or studying (something)

pore1 English Thesaurus

sweat poured from every pore in his body

pore2 English Thesaurus

they pored over a map of Eastern Europe

air pore British & World English

A pore or air-filled pocket in a surface or material; (Botany) a stoma in a leaf; a similar structure in the thallus or receptacle of certain liverworts.

germ pore British & World English

A thin area in the wall of a fungal spore through which a germ tube may emerge during germination.

pore area British & World English

A particular region of a surface in which pores are situated.

pore-like British & World English

Resembling or characteristic of a pore.

honey pore British & World English

A nectar-secreting gland in a flower, typically located near the base of a petal.

mouth pore British & World English

Zoology a simple pore that functions as a mouth in certain flatworms.

pore rhomb British & World English

(In rhombiferan echinoderms) a diamond-shaped group of surface perforations and canals shared between two thecal plates, believed to have served a respiratory function.

genital pore British & World English

(In various invertebrates and some lower vertebrates) an orifice through which sperm or eggs are released.

nuclear pore British & World English

Any of numerous circular structures in the nuclear envelope which contain an opening which allows the passage of molecules between the nucleus and surrounding cytoplasm.

pore pressure British & World English

The pressure exerted by a fluid filling the pores of a soil or rock.

nuclear pore complex British & World English

The octahedral ring of protein units which forms a nuclear pore.

nanopore British & World English

A pore or cavity with dimensions of only a few nanometres

porewater British & World English

Water contained in pores in soil or rock