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positive British & World English

Consisting in or characterized by the presence rather than the absence of distinguishing features

positive English Thesaurus

I am confident of getting a positive response from the commission

positive in certain English Thesaurus

I'm certain he's guilty

positive in definite English Thesaurus

I need a definite answer

positive in positive English Thesaurus

I am confident of getting a positive response from the commission

positive in sure English Thesaurus

I am sure that they did not have an affair

negative–positive British & World English

Relating to or designating a photographic process, device, etc., employing or producing both negative and positive film, or employing negative film to produce a positive image (or vice versa).

non-positive British & World English

Not positive; specifically (of a number) either negative or equal to zero; (of a function, variable, etc.) taking values which are always either negative or equal to zero.

positive rays British & World English

Rays formed by streams of positive particles; specifically = canal rays; also singular when used attributive.

positive-sum British & World English

A game or situation in which the net benefits or gains available to the participants can increase.

sex-positive British & World English

That has or promotes a tolerant, progressive, or candid attitude towards sex and sexuality; pro-sex.

HIV-positive British & World English

Having had a positive result in a blood test for the AIDS virus HIV

positive law British & World English

Statutes which have been laid down by a legislature, court, or other human institution and can take whatever form the authors want

positive pole British & World English

A north-seeking pole of a magnet

positive sign British & World English

Another term for plus sign.

Marchi-positive British & World English

Stained black by the Marchi technique; containing degenerating myelin identified by such staining.

Police Positive British & World English

A type of Colt revolver.

positive-going British & World English

Increasing in magnitude in the direction of positive polarity; becoming less negative or more positive.

false positive British & World English

A test result which wrongly indicates that a particular condition or attribute is present

positive logic British & World English

A method using electrical signals to represent binary digits, in which the positive signal is taken to represent 1 and the negative signal 0

positive organ British & World English

A large but movable pipe organ

proof positive British & World English

Evidence taken to be final or absolute proof of the existence of something

rhesus-positive British & World English

Having the rhesus factor

antibody-positive British & World English

Having, or characterized by the presence of, the antibodies associated with a particular antigen or disease.

positive definite British & World English

(Of a function) having positive (formerly, positive or zero) values for all non-zero values of its argument; (of a square matrix) having all its eigenvalues positive; (more widely, of an operator on a Hilbert space) such that the inner product of any element of the space with its image under the operator is greater than zero.

positive electron British & World English

A subatomic particle analogous to an electron but having a positive charge (now identified with a positron).

positive eugenics British & World English

The practice of encouraging the birth of children to parents having qualities considered desirable to the community.

positive eyepiece British & World English

An eyepiece of an optical instrument consisting of two planoconvex lenses with their convex sides facing each other.

positive-negative British & World English

Exhibiting both positive and negative characteristics; relating to both what is positive and what is negative in a particular respect.

positive thinking British & World English

The practice or result of concentrating one's mind affirmatively on the good and constructive aspects of a matter so as to eliminate negative or destructive attitudes and emotions.

positive transfer British & World English

The transfer of effects from the learning of one skill that facilitate the subsequent learning of another.

positive feedback British & World English

The enhancing or amplification of an effect by its own influence on the process which gives rise to it

positive pressure British & World English

Air or gas pressure greater than that of the atmosphere, as used e.g. in the artificial ventilation of the lungs

positive vetting British & World English

A process of exhaustive inquiry into the background and character of a candidate for a civil service post that involves access to secret material

positive definiteness British & World English

The state or condition of being positive definite.

positive neutralist British & World English

A person who adopts or supports a position of positive neutrality; also adjectivally.

positive neutrality British & World English

A policy of cooperating with, or helping, or actively seeking to improve relations with or between, all parties in a conflict or disagreement, while not taking sides.

positive transference British & World English

Transference in which the feelings involved are of a positive or affectionate nature.

positive geotropism British & World English

The tendency of roots to grow downwards

positive reinforcement British & World English

The process of encouraging or establishing a pattern of behaviour by offering reward when the behaviour is exhibited

positive discrimination British & World English

(In the context of the allocation of resources or employment) the practice or policy of favouring individuals belonging to groups which suffer discrimination

test1 British & World English

Produce a specified result in a medical test, especially a drugs test or AIDS test

Gram stain British & World English

A staining technique for the preliminary identification of bacteria, in which a violet dye is applied, followed by a decolorizing agent and then a red dye. The cell walls of certain bacteria (denoted Gram-positive) retain the first dye and appear violet, while those that lose it (denoted Gram-negative) appear red

seropositive British & World English

Giving a positive result in a test of blood serum, e.g. for the presence of a virus

phototaxis British & World English

The bodily movement of a motile organism in response to light, either towards the source of light (positive phototaxis) or away from it (negative phototaxis)

phototropism British & World English

The orientation of a plant or other organism in response to light, either towards the source of light (positive phototropism) or away from it (negative phototropism)

positive prescription in prescription British & World English

The establishment of a claim founded on the basis of a long or indefinite period of uninterrupted use or of long-standing custom

Mitsuda-positive in Mitsuda British & World English

In compounds with the sense ‘in regard to the Mitsuda reaction‘, as Mitsuda-negative, Mitsuda-positive; also Mitsuda positivity.

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