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premier British & World English

First in importance, order, or position; leading

premier English Thesaurus

one of Britain's premier chefs

premier cru British & World English

(Chiefly in French official classifications) a wine of a superior grade, or the vineyard that produces it

jeune premier British & World English

An actor who plays the part of the principal lover or young hero.

state premier British & World English

The chief minister of a government of an Australian state

premier danseur British & World English

A leading male dancer in a ballet company.

Premier League British & World English

The top division of professional soccer in England and Wales

François Premier British & World English

Attributive Relating to or characterized by the style in architecture, furniture, etc., characteristic of (the early part of) the reign of François I, typically regarded as a mixture of Italian and Gothic influences; designating such a style.

premier division British & World English

In various sports and games: the highest-ranking division. In extended use: the highest rank or level; the elite of a particular field.