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prerogative British & World English

A right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class

royal prerogative in prerogative British & World English

The right of the sovereign, which in British law is theoretically subject to no restriction

prerogative man British & World English

An advocate or supporter of (royal) prerogative.

prerogative copy British & World English

A book of which the copyright is a prerogative of the crown.

prerogative lawyer British & World English

A lawyer retained on behalf of the royal prerogative.

prerogative office British & World English

The court of an archbishop for the probate of wills.

prerogative party British & World English

A political group or party supporting established rights and prerogatives, particularly those of the Crown.

prerogative writ British & World English

A writ issued by a court in special circumstances, as (in Britain) under the exercise of royal prerogative.

prerogative court British & World English

(In the UK) either of two ecclesiastical courts at Canterbury and York formerly responsible for the probate of wills involving property in more than one diocese

prerogative copyright British & World English

Copyright in official documents relating to the law and the Church, held to belong to the Crown.

prerogative of mercy British & World English

The right and power of a sovereign, state president, or other supreme authority to commute a death sentence, to change the mode of execution, or to pardon an offender