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pressure British & World English

Continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it

pressure English Thesaurus

a confined gas exerts a constant pressure on the wall of its container

air pressure British & World English

Atmospheric pressure; pressure of air.

non-pressure British & World English

That does not involve pressure (literal or figurative).

pore pressure British & World English

The pressure exerted by a fluid filling the pores of a soil or rock.

pressure arch British & World English

A distribution of pressure over an excavation resembling that in a structural arch, caused by increased pressure on the side walls of the excavation, which act as abutments supporting the strata forming the roof.

pressure bar British & World English

A bar in a machine used to apply force; specifically a device in a planing machine for holding down the material to be planed (now rare).

pressure bomb British & World English

A strong, thick-walled container in which chemical processes can be carried out under pressure.

pressure cap British & World English

A cap made to withstand pressure or to be sensitive to pressure; specifically one that incorporates a pressure relief valve, as on the radiator or coolant tank of a motor vehicle.

pressure-cast British & World English

Produced or made by pressure casting.

pressure drag British & World English

The drag on a moving body which results from the aerodynamic pressure distribution over its surface.

pressure-fed British & World English

Supplied with material by means of applied pressure; utilizing a pressure feed.

pressure feed British & World English

A supply system in which the flow of material is maintained by applied pressure; the supplying of material, especially fuel, in this way.

pressure-feed British & World English

To supply (material, especially fuel) by means of applied pressure.

pressure head British & World English

The pressure exerted by a fluid, expressed as the height of a column of the fluid which would produce that pressure by virtue of its weight.

pressure hold British & World English

A hold maintained by the exertion of sideways or downward pressure.

pressure ice British & World English

Ice on the sea or a lake that has a broken, uneven surface as a result of compressive or other forces.

pressure jet British & World English

Attributive Designating a type of oil burner in which the fuel is burned at a nozzle from which it is ejected under pressure as fine droplets.

pressure jump British & World English

A sudden increase in pressure over a short distance; (Meteorology) a mobile zone of atmospheric disturbance characterized by a steep pressure gradient and usually marking a discontinuity in the height of an inversion layer.

pressure line British & World English

Rare a pressure ridge in ice.

pressure mine British & World English

A mine actuated by a change in pressure; especially an underwater mine actuated by the temporary reduction in hydrostatic pressure caused by a passing ship.

pressure pack British & World English

A dispenser or other receptacle containing a substance, frequently an aerosol, under pressure.

pressure pad British & World English

A pad designed to transmit or absorb pressure; (in later use) especially one which converts applied pressure into an electrical signal.

pressure pipe British & World English

A pipe carrying water, air, or other fluid under pressure.

pressure sore British & World English

A sore or ulcer of the skin and soft tissue, usually over a bony prominence, occurring in an immobile patient as a result of continuous pressure of the body against a bed or other object; a bedsore, a decubitus ulcer.

pressure spot British & World English

A small area on the skin specially sensitive to pressure; a pressure point.

pressure tank British & World English

A tank in which a fluid, especially fuel, is held under pressure.

pressure test British & World English

A test of the ability to withstand or sustain pressure; a test to ascertain pressure.

pressure-test British & World English

To subject to a pressure test.

pressure tube British & World English

A tube containing liquid or gas under pressure.

pressure wave British & World English

A wave consisting of a sudden change in pressure propagated through a medium.

root pressure British & World English

The hydrostatic pressure generated in the roots of a plant, which helps the sap to rise in the xylem.

high pressure British & World English

A condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is above average (e.g. in an anticyclone)

low pressure British & World English

A condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is below average (e.g. in a depression)

oil pressure British & World English

The pressure of oil in an internal-combustion engine

peer pressure British & World English

Influence from members of one’s peer group

pressure hull British & World English

The inner hull of a submarine, in which approximately normal pressure is maintained when the vessel is submerged

pressure lamp British & World English

A portable oil or paraffin lamp in which the fuel is forced up into the mantle or burner by air pressure in the reservoir, which can be increased by pumping with a plunger

pressure suit British & World English

An inflatable suit that protects the wearer against low pressure, for example when flying at a high altitude

high-pressure English Thesaurus

unscrupulous salesmen using high-pressure tactics

pressure angle British & World English

(In toothed gearing) the angle between the tangent to a tooth at the pitch point and the radial line at that point (a small angle corresponding to a steep tooth profile); (equivalently, for involute teeth) the angle between the line of action and the tangent to the pitch circle at the pitch point.

pressure blower British & World English

A blower in which the air is compressed before being forced out.

pressure boiler British & World English

A boiler designed to withstand high pressures, for heating liquids above their normal boiling points.

pressure cabin British & World English

An airtight cabin in an aircraft in which the air is maintained at a pressure safe and comfortable for the occupants.

pressure cable British & World English

A paper-insulated cable containing gas or oil under pressure within the outer sheath or pipe, the pressure counteracting the tendency of the insulation to separate from the conductors in operating conditions and enabling higher voltages to be used.

pressure crack British & World English

A crack caused by or attributed to pressure, especially in lake or sea ice.

pressure engine British & World English

An engine powered by steam under pressure, a steam engine (now historical).

pressure figure British & World English

Mineralogy a pattern of cracks formed on the surface of a mineral by applying steady pressure at a point.

pressure filter British & World English

A filter through which liquid is forced by applied pressure.

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