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preventive British & World English

Designed to keep something undesirable such as illness or harm from occurring

preventive English Thesaurus

preventive maintenance is the key to dependability

preventive war British & World English

A war initiated by one state, faction, etc., in anticipation of (suspected) hostile intentions on the part of another.

preventive custody British & World English

Custody of a person accused of a crime and awaiting trial; remand.

preventive diplomacy British & World English

An approach to diplomacy which seeks specifically to prevent the start or escalation of violent conflict; the methods by which this is achieved.

preventive maintenance British & World English

Routine maintenance of a vehicle or other machine, intended to prevent problems from arising.

preventive medicine British & World English

A preventive medicinal agent.

preventive detention British & World English

The imprisonment of a person with the aim of preventing them from committing further offences or of maintaining public order

pellagra-preventive factor British & World English

Either of the B-complex vitamins niacin and niacinamide; also called P-P factor.