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primavera British & World English

The hard, light-coloured timber of a Central American tree

estamos en primavera in estar Spanish-English

it's spring, spring has come

era primavera/de noche in ser Spanish-English

it was spring(time)/night(time)

ellos están en primavera ahora in estar Spanish-English

it's spring for them now, it's their spring now

la primavera la sangre altera in primavera Spanish-English

spring is in the air, the sap rises in the spring

con la llegada de la primavera in llegada Spanish-English

when spring comes, with the arrival of spring

estaba en la primavera de la vida in primavera Spanish-English

she was in the springtime of her life

los campos se visten de flores en primavera in vestir Spanish-English

in spring the fields are covered in flowers