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prior1 British & World English

Existing or coming before in time, order, or importance

prior2 British & World English

The male head of a house or group of houses of certain religious orders, in particular:

prior English Thesaurus

visitors can tour the mill by prior arrangement

prior art British & World English

The methods, technology, and other knowledge relevant to and in existence prior to an invention for which a patent is being sought.

alien prior British & World English

A foreign prior affiliated to an alien priory.

prior lien British & World English

A lien on property (or other assets) which has priority over other liens on the same property.

prior charge British & World English

A class of stock or capital on which claims for payment take precedence over the claims of ordinary stock or capital

prior restraint British & World English

Judicial suppression of material that would be published or broadcast, on the grounds that it is libelous or harmful. In US law, the First Amendment severely limits the ability of the government to do this

prior probability British & World English

A probability as assessed before making reference to certain relevant observations, especially subjectively or on the assumption that all possible outcomes be given the same probability

prior to in prior English Thesaurus

prior to the seventeenth century clocks were made by blacksmiths

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