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prismatic British & World English

Relating to or having the form of a prism or prisms

right prismatic British & World English

Having the form of a right-angled prism.

prismatic layer British & World English

The middle layer of the shell of a mollusc, consisting of crystalline calcite or aragonite

prismatic-cellular British & World English

Consisting of prismatic cells.

prismatic colour British & World English

Each of the colours into which white light is split by a prism (conventionally regarded as seven in number); colour such as that produced by a prism from white light; frequently in plural.

prismatic compass British & World English

A magnetic compass incorporating a prism so that an object and its bearing can be viewed simultaneously.

prismatic powder British & World English

Gunpowder compressed into hexagonal prisms with holes drilled along the length to ensure slow burning, formerly used in heavy artillery.

prismatic binoculars British & World English

(In singular and plural) = prism binocular.

prismatic coefficient British & World English

The ratio of a vessel's underwater volume to the volume of a cuboid having the same length as the vessel and the same cross-section as its maximum underwater cross-section.

pruney and prismatic (or prismy) in pruney British & World English

Prim; affected. Originally in pruney and prismatic (or prismy): = prunes and prismy.