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programme British & World English

A planned series of future events or performances

programme English Thesaurus

an action-packed programme of events

programme music British & World English

Music that is intended to evoke images or convey the impression of events

Third Programme British & World English

One of the three national radio networks of the BBC from 1946 until 1967, when it was replaced by Radio 3

programme trading British & World English

The simultaneous purchase and sale of many different stocks, or of stocks and related futures contracts, with the use of a computer program to exploit price differences in different markets

request programme British & World English

A radio programme consisting of music requested by the listeners

programme evaluation and review technique British & World English

A network analysis technique which is used to determine the time it will take to complete a complex process

deprogramme British & World English

Release (someone) from apparent brainwashing, typically that of a religious cult, by the systematic reindoctrination of conventional values

reprogram British & World English

Program (a computer or something likened to one) again or differently

magazine programme in magazine British & World English

A regular television or radio programme comprising a variety of topical items

entitlement program British & World English

A government program that guarantees certain benefits to a particular group or segment of the population